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As many freshman parents know starting in the 2014-2015 school year Ohio students will begin taking the PARCC Assessments. For freshman these assessments will be requirements for students to graduate from HS.

WHS will begin administering these tests on February 17th, starting with English Language Arts. Tests will be administered each week in different subjects until the Performance Based Assessments and End of Year Course Assessments are finished in mid-May. For a complete PARRC calendar, please view our web page for the attachment. As we move closer to testing weeks, your WHS student will receive specific information about the exact testing location and type of “testing device” they will use. Testing devices at WHS will either be a portable Chromebook or a desktop computer in a lab.

Teachers have been preparing students for these tests all year through Common Core instruction. Students have been and will be practicing sample questions and types of technology skills needed to take on-line assessments. However, there is so much more information that parents need to know and may be wondering about.  I have included some basic facts in this document, but we need parents to view our testing calendar and also access the PARCC FAQ sheet at  We will also be distributing information to each freshman at Report Card Fair and in classrooms.

What is PARCC?

 The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is a group of 19 states working together to develop a common set of computer-based K–12 assessments in English language arts/Literacy and math linked to the new, more rigorous Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

 PARCC is one of two state consortia developing assessments aligned to the CCSS through the federal Race to the Top assessment grant program.

What are the components of the PARCC assessment system?

The assessments will cover English language arts (ELA)/literacy and math for grades 3–11. The system includes the following components:

 Diagnostic assessments in reading, writing and mathematics. These optional tests, available throughout the year, will help teachers identify students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Mid-year assessments in ELA/literacy and mathematics. Designed to be given mid-way through the year, these optional tests will help schools shape decisions about curriculum, instruction and professional development.

 Performance-based assessments (PBA) in ELA/literacy and mathematics. All students will take this summative test toward the end of the school year to show what they know.

 In ELA/literacy, this will involve analyzing literature and a narrative writing task. Students will read texts and write several pieces to demonstrate they can read and understand sufficiently complex texts independently; write effectively when using and analyzing sources; and build and communicate knowledge by integrating, comparing and synthesizing ideas.

 In math, students will be asked to solve problems involving the key knowledge and skills for their grade level (as identified by the CCSS), express mathematical reasoning and construct a mathematical argument, and apply concepts to solve model real-world problems.

 End-of-year assessments (EOY) in ELA/literacy and math. All students will take this at the end of the school year. The results will be combined with the performance-based assessment to produce a student’s summative assessment score. For the end of-year assessment, students will demonstrate their acquired skills and knowledge by answering computer-based, machine scorable questions.

 Speaking and listening component (ELA/literacy only). All students participating in the PARCC assessments will demonstrate speaking and listening proficiency using this tool, which can be administered anytime during the academic year. While this isa required component of the assessment, currently PARCC does not envision combining results from this with those of the performance-based assessment or end-of-year assessment to determine a student’s summative assessment score.

 Item and task prototypes that illustrate what will be included in the PBA and EOY components are available

 For more on the design of the assessment system, visit this site:

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WHS Building Calendar

Student of the Month

Students of the Month:

Camryn Barton
Camryn excels in both biology and chemistry, scoring near or at the top of almost every assessment. She shows a profound understanding of science and is a frequent and valuable contributor to class discussions. Great work Camryn!

Garrett Regan 
The Social Studies Department would like to recognize Garrett Regan as Student of the Month for February. Garrett has excelled this year in his American History class. He brings great insight to class discussion and has excelled on assessments this year. He sets a very positive example for other students in the class to follow. Keep up the good work Garrett!

Carrissa Miller
Carrissa comes to class prepared every day and always gives 100% of her effort. She adds character and insight to every discussion, helping her classmates learn and understand complex ideas and concepts. Great job, Carrissa!

Joanna Gonzalez
Joanna has done well in accelerated algebra II. She comes to class prepared each day and actively participates in class through providing responses to class discussion. Additionally, Joanna is always willing to help her neighbors when they have questions regarding assignments. Great work, Joanna!

Allister Brausch
The Health and Phys Ed Department would like to nominate Allister Brausch for student of the month. Allister is always prepared for class and actively participates in class discussions. He is always offering insight and thoughtful questions. Keep up the great work Allister and thank you.

Dakota Hatfield
The Wilmington High School Agriculture program would like to recognize Dakota Hatfield as our recipient of the student of the month. Dakota is primarily a Laurel Oaks student, but that has not stopped him from being our number one salesman in all fundraising totals this year. Dakota's schedule has made it difficult to attend all of our functions, but the time he spends with us, he give us the 100% hard work attitude. Thank you, and Congratulations Dakota.

Allie Garnai
Allie Garnai has been a valuable part of the art department for 4 years. Allie is bold and adventurous as she approaches each project. She has exhibited her work in several shows. She brings energy and smarts to her artistic process!

Katie Schroeder - The Spanish Department Student of the Month is Katie Schroeder.  Katie has been one of our most improved students this year.  She has put in a lot of extra time on her studies and is a pleasure to have in class.  Congratulations and keep up the good work Katie.

Aridessa Robertson
The Band program would like to recognize Aridessa Robertson as February Student of the Month.  She is consistently prepared for class and contributes in a positive way to the rehearsal process.  Dessa also looks for ways to continue to improve herself through involvement of outside-of-school musical activities.  These include the Wright State University/Tri-State Honor Band, OMEA Solo & Ensemble Contest and is a member of the Cincinnati Youth Wind Ensemble.

Sydni McGee
The Theater Department would like to recognize Sydni McGee for her outstanding work in and out of rehearsal. Sydni is always on time or early, encourages others and works well in groups, and clearly goes the extra mile outside of rehearsal to be prepared. Her humble leadership inspires others to also do their best.

Ashton Morris
Ashton Morris is CBIP’s SOTM. She has consistently demonstrated the discipline and commitment it takes to be the type of employee any business desires. Her evals at Bob Evans Restaurant have been exceedingly positive. In addition to working as both a hostess and waitress, she has retained employment there for nearly the last one and a half years, while participating in the CBIP program. Furthermore, she has shown great improvement in her academic studies and her overall attitude toward school. She basically has become the role model student for our program, and has recently made responsible strides to joining the US Air Force upon graduation. Congratulations Ashton & keep up the awesome job!

Jonathan Constant
Jonathan works hard on his and waits patiently for all of his classmates when he is ahead. He is doing many activities independently and making great towards all his goals.